Terms and conditions:

Considering that the Customer wishes to entrust “Spraled.com” with the design of a website;
Whereas “Spraled.com” agrees to design the Website;
Considering that the Customer accepts the “terms and conditions” described below,

Terms and conditions:

The designer commits to the Customer to provide the following services:

  • Formatting the content according to the information, the documentation, as well as texts, illustrations, photographs, tables and other elements provided by the Customer;
  • A website adapted for mobile and tablet, customized custom design, DNS setting;
  •     the programming of the components or the installation of the required plugins, including, if applicable, and without limitation, the scripts, applets, the database and multimedia components.
  • Give access to the site, and provide the passwords to the customer.
  • The customer is the owner of the site and the domain name.

The Customer must send the content that will be integrated on the site, and provide the texts (Writing paragraphs example: “Who we are”).nous¨).

The number of pages is limited to 4 pages (unless you have requested a custom quote).

The delivery time is 3 days (it takes more than 3 days, we inform you by email before we start the creation of the site.

We advise you to take the time to write down your ideas and your requirements of graphic design, you can send us exemplary sites which inspire you, otherwise you can also draw the structure of the site and photograph it by mobile phone and send it to us via our project submission form.

The Customer must explain his site project in detail to better serve you.

You are entitled to unlimited corrections if the designer makes mistakes, but we will charge additional fees for any additional changes that involve items not requested at the beginning of the design.

Our goal is to offer a quality product so that the designer can offer you free changes if he deems it necessary and depending on the complexity of the changes,

We offer you the guarantee in case of problem, and we offer technical assistance to solve any problem on the site.

Domain name and web hosting fees are included in the first year.

The customer is not required to stay with Spraled the second year, a $ 55.00 charge applies for the transfer of the site to another hosting company.

We charge $ 50.00 / hour for requests for changes / changes to the site.

After confirmation, for us to start work, you will have to pay the full amount. Paid via Paypal Learn more about Paypal.

The Designer agrees to use all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure that the Website is professionally and effectively designed, in accordance with the rules generally recognized by the web development industry, and in accordance with the specifications.